Thursday, 3 December 2009

Reveal - opening evening

I am not sure if I am nervous or excited.
Today is the opening of the first weekend of Reveal - A Christmas Showcase of handmade craft and Beady Pool is going to be there.
I am currently putting the finishing touches to my stall and finding where I need to park later to set up.
Reveal opens this evening with a preview from 5pm-8pm, please join us for drinks and nibbles if you can. It would be lovely to meet you. If you can't make it we will be open from 10am - 5pm Fri 4th, Sat 5th and Sunday 6th.
Reveal will also be raunning next weekend as well from 10th - 13th December.
There will be fantastic selection of ceramics, jewellery, glass, photography and more all making ideal Christmas gifts for loved ones or you could just treat yourself.
For more details of the artists who are taking part and a sneak preview of the lovely handmade goodies that will be for sale check out the Reveal Website - hope to see you there.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

And the winner is.........

Drum roll please.........

Nifty Knits

Apologies for the picture......a huge thank you to all who entered and to my lovely son for picking the winner.
Nifty I will be in touch to ask what you would like as your prize and in which colour.

And the winner of the facebook/blog follower giveaway is.........
Leanne Woods.
I added all the followers from each site up - 189 in total and utilised the good old random number generator. For the life of me I cannot work out how to copy and paste the random number integer -sorry - but it was Leanne's number that came up.
Again I will be in touch to get your address so I can send you your prize.
I just want to add a huge thank you to you all for your continued support of Beady Pool and for being here to be entered.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Charity Auction

Another talented jewellery designer friend of mine, Melanie Poxon of Kookie Designs has arranged a big collective auction for charity.
There are 11 auction lots on offer for you to bid on from a fantastic range of UK designers and makers featuring ready made jewellery to lampwork beads to make your own pieces. All lots are stunningly gorgeous - I have my eyes set on some of Izzy's earrings yum.

I have donated a gorgeous lampwork bracelet featuring beads by Laura Sparling which Mel has put in a lot (Number 1) with a pair of her scrummy earrings).
If you fancy placing a bid then please head over here to the auction and have a look at all the generously donated items on offer. All money raised from the auction will be split between two charities - Headway and Royal Free Kidney Patients Association.
All money raised from the auction will be split between two charities - Headway and Royal Free Kidney Patients Association.
The auction opened on Saturday October 24th at 10:00am GMT and there have been some really generous bids already. It closes on Monday November 2nd at 8:30pm GMT, so you still have time to bag yourself a gorgeous piece of unique jewellery or some scummy beads to add to your stash!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Less than 24hrs to go.....

Till we pick a winner for the fantastic Beady Pool giveaway. You can win either this gorgeous necklace in a colour of your choice.

Or the earrings from the same range with a matching bracelet or a pendant along the same theme.
So, I hear you say "what do I have to do to enter?"
Well, look at my website or folksy shop, decide which is your favourite item and leave a comment here or on on the Beady Pool fanpage on facebook.
You can get another entry by getting a friend to sign up as a fan of either this blog or the facebook page. Don't forget to let me know that they are your friend!
Finally, I realised I was ignoring my die hard followers both on here and facebook. Well, if you are a fan of either you can have an entry into another, yes that's another draw. This will be to win a matching bracelet and earrings set. All you have to do is what you are already doing just being here supporting Beady Pool.
Blimey I must still be recovering from my hols to be this generous.
Don't forget there are less than 24hrs to enter - what are you waiting for? Good luck.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Back from Boston

Obviously that is not our plane taking off from Logan airport but you get the idea. Anyway, we had a fab time in Boston and visited loads of places.
I will post some more photos soon, once the huge pile of laundry has been conquered and I have recovered from the time difference and the imminent arrival of both sets of family.
Meanwhile I would like to wish my hubby a happy wedding anniversary for today - 8yrs have flown by.
Don't forget there are still a few days to enter my fab giveaway - thank you for all the entries so far. I am loving your jewellery choices.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Winning and Giving away

A few weeks ago, I entered a competition on Scarlett Butterflies blog and won. Below is a pic of the scrummy magnets I won and I have to say they are the strongest magnets on my fridge and are currently keeping all my little mans pics very firmly attached.

Go and check out Maria's shop as well, it is full of gorgeous girly gifts.

Well that's the winning, what about the giving I hear you shout??
I have decided it is time for another Beady Pool giveaway......but I can't decide what to give away. Should it be a bracelet, necklace, pendant or a pair of earrings??? I really can't decide.

So, as I can't decide - you can, this is what is up for grabs.
Either a bracelet and a pair of earrings, a pendant or a necklace along the theme of this and this. I don't have a pendant or bracelet to show you but they will be along the same theme of "He loves me". When you win, I will give you a choice of colours to choose from and I will then make your item and send it out. What more could you ask for?
So, what do you have to do??
Take a look around my website and my folksy shop and let me know which item you like the best and leave a comment below or on facebook or email it to me.
For a second chance to enter get a friend to either follow this blog or become a fan on facebook - let me know that they are your friend and you get another entry. Each new follower or fan is another entry.
Closing date is Saturday 31st October at, what are you waiting for, get entering.

Friday, 9 October 2009

How cool are these.......

Now, I don't have a little girl so don't have a hair grip, hair band issue. You know the one where they go missing, where you can't find the matching pair etc. etc.
Well, I have just found a fab solution to this on Folksy. Aren't these just gorgeous?

There is a lovely long ribbon to attach all the clips to and behind the cupcake is room for the bands. To top this all off they are custom made with an initial of your choice. For little girls you can't ask more than that! Plus at £6 in my mind they are a good price, add a few grips/bobbles and what a fab pressie.
With a few birthdays and Christmas fast approaching, I have just put my order in for a few, well 5 actually :) Guess what everyone is getting from me this year.
If you would like one then take a look at Heart Felt Handmade's shop
She also makes some gorgeous tooth fairy pillows as well.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Rosie Runs....

Rosie of Brave or Foolish plans to run the grueling 26 miles of the 2010 London Marathon in aid of The Miscarriage Association.
I am in awe of anyone who can run, let alone run the marathon. I doubt I could even run to the end of my road! What makes Rosie's attempt even more amazing in my eyes is that she is not a marathon runner. She is starting her preperation after four months of pregnancy-induced strict bedrest and eight months of being a stay at home mother. You can read more about her story here.
In order to run the London Marathon she needs to raise £1300. Rosie and I went to school together (all those years ago :)). When I heard of her fundraising attempt I decided to try and help.
So, I have donated this gorgeous one of a kind lampwork bracelet, which she is auctioning with all proceeds (minus any ebay fees) going to the cause.
The bracelet features artisan beads by Rachel Dawes of Earth and Fire Beads in gorgeous sorbet colours of lemon, orange and strawberry. The lampwork beads feature floral, dotty and fine stringer detailing. I have handwired the beads together using sterling silver wire and finished it with a silver s-clasp.
You can find the auction here.

So, if you fancy helping out a fantastic cause why not place a bid. You only have a few hours left so make sure you head over their now.
You can also help out by visiting Rosie's sponsershop page at
Or you can buy something from either of my shops Beady Pool or Beady Pool on Folksy as I am donating 10% of all sales until the end of the auction.
Or why not visit Seethewoods shop as Leanne has also kindly offered to donate 10% of her sales as well.
With so may ways to help out - which one will you choose??

Monday, 28 September 2009

Autumnal offerings

I love autumn, it has to be my favourite time of year. The temperature cools a little and especially here in Berkshire we get frosty, crisp bright mornings.

Autumn has definately been working it's magic on me as I have some seasonal offering for you all available in my folksy shop.

Above is Fall with sterling silver leaves, carnelian, red aventurine and malachite gemstones.

Below is Burnt Sugar - earrings and pendant featuring brown jasper gemstones.

Both are available in my Folksy shop where I offer free first class P&P within the UK. I am also donating 10% of all sales in both my Folksy and Website shops to the miscarriage association until this coming Sunday 4th Oct. You can find out why here.

Proof is in the biccies

So here's the pic - mad grannies biccies. Nom nom

Yum Yum - well, this is what they looked like.
Notice I say looked not look....yep that's right hubby scoffed them :) Well, I may of had one or two to help out.

Thankfully I made another batch for the friend who is visiting this afternoon. You have been warned they are moreish!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Mad grannies biscuits

Well, I think I am allowed to call her that. Mad granny is my mum. When we fist had our sone she decided she would be called granny, not nanny, nan or grandma - granny and then with one of her wicked smiles mum said "mad granny".
So, I am afraid to say it has stuck.
Mad granny makes the most fantastic biccies, I think the recipe was originally out of one of the sunday suppliments but mum has adulterated it to include less sugar amoungst other things. It was very very sweet - even now it's sweet enough.
I am making these as I write so if I get the chance before they are eaten I will post some pics.
2oz brown or dark brown soft sugar
5oz jumbo oats (they need to be the jumbo ones)
2 fl oz sunflower oil
Mix the above and leave for an hour.
Then you need:
1 beaten egg
1oz sunflower seeds
1oz pumpkin seeds
2oz dried chopped apricots
After the first lot of ingredients has been left for an hour mix in the rest of the ingredients. You will have a loose oat bix which sticks together when cooked. Spoon onto baking paper and flatten slightly - you can make them as big or small as you want, I tend to make them about a rounded dessert spoon in size.
Bake at 180C, gas 4 for 12-15 mins - or until starting to brown.
Allow to cool a bit and then transfer to a cooling rack.
I think this makes about 10-12, but I always double the recipe. They are also fab broken up on yoghurt or with icecream.
Yum yum - enjoy.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

How tall can you grow?????

Well, I have had some measurements in for the Sunflower competition and a lot well ours didn't grow... and .....ours got eaten....and.....ours went swimming etc. etc.
But this is I think the tallest one.

A stunning 320cm!
It is very amazing that this one is as tall as it is as about 2 weeks into the competition the growers mum was explaining how the grower had tipped the compost and seeds onto the garden. A couple of weeks after that we were in the garden looking at her carrots and lettuce and I mentioned that there was a sunflower growing. This beauty is that sunflower.
Before I hand over the prize, which I will blog a picture of at some point, did anyone elses grow any bigger? I did ask for heights in by bh weekend but I don't want to award this one the prize if there is a bigger sunflower lurking somewhere let me know if yours grew bigger else this whopper one gets the prize!

Monday, 21 September 2009

He Loves me......

New from Beady Pool on Folksy. He loves me in teal green.

He loves me is a czech glass and silver necklace with an assymetrically placed Karen Hilltribe silver flower. I have handwired the beads to the silver chain and then the chain to the s-clasp, as I have a thing about jump rings that can possibly open! It's a bit bug bear of mine so only use them when I have to.
There is a pair of complimenting earrings if you are someone who likes their matching sets.

Available as of today on Folksy, with free first class postage within the UK.
I am in the process of listing some other colour combinations, but if you like the style but would like something a little different just let me know. I can design something just for you.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Boston here we come

It's booked - finally :) Boston here we come.
We have settled on an Embassy Inn. They have one bedroom suites so we can have the lounge to ourselves in the evening whilst little man sleeps in the main bed. We can transfer him to the sofa bed when we are ready to go to sleep at least that is the plan. They also have a small kitchenette in the room with a microwave and fridge. Plus the hotel has a pool and gives us a buffet breakfast each morning. The hotel is 5 mins walk across a kids play park to the T, which apparently is $2 into town. We are also close to the car hire so can just book what we want when we want, which is good as parking costs at the hotels are sky high.
A downside could well be that the hotel is at Boston airport, but all the reviews say that you can't hear the plane noise in the hotel. I am hoping on the plus side that a bit of plane spotting will keep the boys amused :)
So flights and hotel is booked, now I just need to look into what we are going to do whislt we are there. It's times like this that the internet is a fab resource.
One thing I have learnt though....when booking through expedia check your prices as a package and seperately. We booked the hotel and flight seperately, saved nearly £200 and have got premium economy seats rather than economy. Hubby really does need the extra leg room.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Boston on a budget.....ish

So, last week we planned to go to Brittany for the week.

We have not really been away with little man before except to friends and family, let alone abroad and we are both worriers when it comes to being away with him.
We have spoken to friends who have taken kids:
"give them their tea, put them to bed, put them in the buggy asleep and then go out yourselves" ummm despite being only 3 1/2 he hasn't fitted in a buggy for about a year (too heavy and too tall) and unless he was really pooped he would sooo wake up
"just keep them up late and eventually their body clock alters, take them to the hotel entertainment, they will love it" hmmm may work but someone needs his sleep, he still has an afternoon nap of an hour and sleeps about 11-12 hrs a night. He gets very crabby and grumpy when tired and I am not a mum who does crabby lol. Plus I am not really a hotel entertainment kind of person - unless it is good.
"just put them to sleep and read on the balcony" wouldn't work for us. Little man is very good at going to bed, but if he can see us sleep he will not. Plus sitting on the balcony reading is not my idea of a holiday.

So, where does that leave us??? "camping" I thought.
I have lovely, possibly warped, memories of camping as a child.

Photo courtesy of Eurocamp

You get your accomodation, you get a pool/s, you get entertainment/kids clubs if you want. you can come and go as you please. You can cook or eat out. Plus you can sit out (or in) whilst small child goes to sleep. Ok, so it's camping. You have to do your own washing up. But for me it works.

Problem....the week we want to book was the last week most of the parks were open. Hmmm would all the facilities be available?? plus Britanny has had an issue of toxic seaweed on the beaches and they were what we were going for. So, Brittany went by the by and we ahd the week at home (See previous blog post).

So, where does that leave us???
  • Me sulking "but I want a holiday"
  • "if we don't go abroad this year with little man, we never will"
  • "I really fancy new England in the Fall"
  • hubby who has been very quite up till now "ok"
  • Me "errr what"
  • Him "that sounds like a great idea"
  • Me - stunnned silence

Photo courtesy of

So, I am frantically looking at trying to book us a holiday in Boston. But it is sooooo expensive. A friend has suggested that we look at residence inns or similar as they can have a seperate sleeping/living area so we could have a little bit of comfort whilst someone goes to bed earlier than us. Problem is that most are out of town. So, do we go in town, pay more and use public transport or go out of town, pay less but get a hire car??? Hmmm tough one especially as I don't know the area.

Twitter came up trumps today though, as I tweeted my dilema and the Charles Hotel offered me a very good twitter rate. It looks very nice and convenient, and we can book two ajoiining rooms, but still prob far too pricey for us - haven't dared ask my bh yet.

One thing for sure though, wherever we stay, we are going to have to fly premium economy as hubby will need the leg room (he is 6ft 8). It will cost more, but I think we are going to have to do it for his comfort. So, that's any budget blown before we have even taken off! Defiantely means the room will have to cost less......

Any advice on places to visit, stay, eat in Boston all greatfully recieved....I need this holiday to work else I don't think we will have one until littley has flown the nest! Off to look at hotels again now - wish me luck.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Holidays at home

The past week we have been on holiday - we were planning away. Eurocamping in Britanny. We even got little mans passport sorted out for him. But, due to the campsites shutting at the beginning of Sept, toxic fuming seaweed on the beaches and a small child wondering where home is as we had been visiting so many people this summer we decided not to go. Instead we spent the week doing daytrips. Legoland was visited a fair few time - it's on our doorstep and we have annual passes. We also visited Wellington Country park, which was fantastic - i would thoroughly recommend the snakes and ladders play area, fab slides.
To end the week we visited the Ashridge Estate on our way to visit relatives.

This is the Bridgewater tower, which apparently has fantastic views from the top, but seeming as I don't like heights I didn't even dare go up it - I would of got good old Elvis leg, with a whole lot of shaking going on.
Autumn is defiantely on it's way.....

This was the best "feet firmly on the ground" view.

And finally the boys at the top of the tower....little man had no fear and was even trying to climb the railings. Rather them than me.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

More sneaky peaks.......

Porthcurnick, bracelet and earrings. Featuring beads by Caroline Cash and named after this beach on the Roseland peninsula.

With Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals and hilltribe silver.

I just love blues and greens and these gorgeous beads remind me of the sea as the clouds pass over head making it change colour. Turquoise in the bright sun with the clouds creating darker and deeper colours as the skitter overhead in the fresh sea breeze.

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Sneak Peak

Well, the summer hols are flying past and our feet seem to of hardly touched the ground what with visiting Cornwall then Essex and then Stoke. We have had a few days though at home and importantly I have found time to make some jewellery and to buy some more beads! Here are just a few sneak peaks for you.

Delphinium - necklace, bracelet and earrings featuring stunning lampwork beads by Isabelle Anderson with freshwater pearls, rose quartz and hilltribe silver.

These lovelies and more will be up on the website in the next few days.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

How much fun....

can you have with some fishing line, bacon rind, a bucket and a pontoon? Loads when you go crabbing.

We caught 13 of the lovelies and my son had the best time ever. Catching crabs is ever so exciting when you are 3 and a bit. This is grandma showing little man how to hold a crab - you would never get me doing that!

And here is one of them making a bit back to freedom off the pontoon - as far as I know he is a shore crab. Our fisherman catch them for bait, but the french apparently eat them. I am far happier with them back in the water and no where near my toes!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

The best way to start a holiday....

Is with a scrummy breakfast - courtesy of Gylly Beach Cafe.
Food with a view......this was hubbies order, I just had a sausage sarnie but it was just as impressive :)
More pics from our hols soon.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Yep 5000, well actually more than 5000 now.
That is the number of visitors I have had to my website since I started it.
To celebrate all you lovely visitors I am offering 20% off all my jewellery until Tues 22nd July at midnight.
That's 20% off everything
If you want to buy anything, please just email me and I will alter the price accordingly.
My website can be found here and my Folksy shop here .
Go hit the shops!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Venturing into silver

Over the past few months, I have been venturing into the world of making silver jewellery. I have only done a few hours of lessons here and there, but have really enjoyed myself and can't wait to start making more on my own. My tutor has been the very talent Janet Richardson.

I have posted previously some of my silver makes but here is one of my latest.

This pendant is actually a commision, a lovely lady saw the one I had made myself and was wearing and asked me to make one for her - what a confidence boost. Hopefully I will be making more silver items soon - I just need to pluck up a bit of confidence. Oh and buy some solder and pickle and ..........

So, if Widget is 32 inches tall

Spotty and Twiglet have worked out that that makes their sunflower.......

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Widget's Measured have you???

Well, here are our sunflowers, growing well and flowering.......
However, here are the other two plants - planted at the same time but when I transplanted them they ended up with the raspberry canes rather than near the conservatory.....what a difference.
I am beginning to think that it be slow but steady that wins this race, who knows.
If you are in the competition, I sent an email last week about measuring but in case you didn't get it......please measure to the highest point of the flower - petals and all from the soil once your sunflower is in full flower. I will close the competition when we have all the measurements in.
A few measurements from some other growers - abizar is 1m 63 and sonny is 2m 17.....and some have just given up the ghost.
Widget has been measuring as well.........I think this is the case of the attack of the 50ft bunny or in this case as the bunny maker says "No one knows that you are really a 32" bunny, Widget, which makes that sunflower - oooo, about 72". Not that he is cheating again or anything!
Widget really, it is the taking part that counts and it is all for charity. You are really rather competative. If you want to see what else Widget gets up to check out his blog...yes the bunny has his own blog!
Talking of charity - a huge thank you to all who have taken part as we have raised nearly £80 for Macmillan Cancer. Thank you all.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Wiggle it....just a little bit

I seemed to off managed to disappear off the blogging radar for....wait for it....a month. Where on earth did June go to???
To make up for my vanishing act take a look at these lovelies - I've named them Wiggle It. Beautiful lampwork wiggle beads by Laura Sparling featuring a deep teal encased in ice blue. Simple stunning.
I continued the wiggly theme with some wiggly silver tube beads. I simply love how the necklace and earrings have turned out. I am tempted to keep them for myself, but I have already kept one set for me this month and a I mustn't be too greedy.
I hope to get them up on the website later this evening, so if they take your fancy take a look here.
Hopefully it won't be as long before my next blog post, fingers crossed.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Naughty Widget

Do we disqualify Widget or give him extra points for effort and ingenuity?
I think we need to get the bunny maker to explain the rules - it's the tallest sunflower Widget, not the soonest to flower!
BTW you can become a friend of Widget the sockbunny on facebook and keep up with his antics - go on you know you want to!

Fancy letting a little colour into your life??
Check out this blog - with a collective of colouful items themed by Rainbow colours. Enough to brighten anyones day.

Friday, 22 May 2009


In the past few weeks, I have been awarded a couple of blog awards. The first is by Sabine at Little Castle Designs. The second is an honest Scrap award from Alison at Amidesigns.
So, here goes with Sabine's tagging
8s about me (all of them, in no particular order):
8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1) Exhibiting at the Henley Arts Trail this weekend.
2) Seeing Eric Clapton in Concert next week. It was on my do before I die list :)
3) Catching up with the girls, hubbies and kids next weekend.
4) Moving South West in the next few years.
5) Visiting friends and family over the summer hols - must get that organised.
6) Taking up lampwork bead making - one day anyway.
7) Eating my own homegrown veg and fruit later this year.
8) Teaching a lovely lady how to make her own jewellery next week.

8 Things I did yesterday:
1) Made lunch for my parents and my inlaws
2) Bought a new kitchen clock and a paddling pool.
3) Hunted for some foldable chairs in the shed, but couldn't find them
4) Twittered
5) Read my very long blog list (two days away and lots of reading to do)
6) Bumped into my old lab tech and had a lovely catch up.
7) Uploaded pics onto flickr and facebook
8) Was tempted by lampwork beads by managed not to buy any - for now.

8 Things I wish I could do:
1) Make lampwork beads.
2) Sing - properly not just my warble.
3) Make jewellery full time.
4) Read people's minds.
5) Be more patient.
6) Be more organised and waste less time.
7) Sew properly using a sewing machine
8) Know the proper names for plants not just my names, and more about where they should be planted etc.

8 Shows I watch:
....hmmm I could fall down here too as I tend not to watch too much - lets see
1) The Mentalist
2) Heroes
3) Britan's got talent (well it is the weekend)
4) Kirstie's homemade home
5) QI
6) Read my blog list
7) Update my website
8) Make jewellery
Sorry about the last three, but there isn't enough else on TV that interests me.
And if you are not too bored of an all about me - here are my replies to Alisons tagging - I will try to get the logo uploaded later today.....don't hold your breath though.
There are a few requirements and they are as follows:-
I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it
I must list 10 honest things about myself
I must put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog.
I must select at least 7 other worthy bloggers & list their links
I must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.
So, here's my 10 honest things:
1.I remember really insignificant things - like what someone had to eat at a meal out 3 yrs ago.
2.I enjoy making my own bread, jam, cakes etc. I also enjoy gardening and would love to have a market garden.
3. I don't always find being a stay at home mum easy, but I think it is the best start to life my child can have.
4.I miss Cornwall, but don't think I will ever get back there - at least I can go on hols.
5.My to do list is HUGE and never seems to get any smaller
6.I never seem to enough time to do everything I want to do.
7.I am really sensative to Cranial Osteopathy, I find it uncomfortable and slightly painful, most people don't feel anything or just a warmth.
8.I have more than enough beads already, but can't resist buying more.
9. I don't like it when people are two faced. When it is ok for them to do/say something but it isn't for you to. I find it mentally exhausting.
10. I have a physics degree and am qualified to teach to A-level. I much prefer making beads
Depspite the rules stating I need to post these on, it look as if lots of peeps have already had them and if they haven't they will do soon :) I also don't really have the time to hunt for those who have/haven't been tagged - my to do list is currently huge. Check out my blog reading list on the right for people who I may of chosen. However, if you want to fill in your answers and join the fun please do - let us all know and we can pop by to read your answers.

Sunflower update

Well, they are growing so that's a start :)
No pics of our efforts I am afraid. We had Diggy Bear to stay and he helped measure but I cannot find the photo anywhere!
So, here are a few measurements to keep you all going:
Grubby Gang - 1.5cm
Growing Pains - 7cm and 4cm
Abizara - 16cm
One More time - 17cm
Boris and Billy - 4.5cm and 6cm
Us - 24.5 cm
Dollie - picture below - 7cm and 11cm

Widget's are 7.5cm - you can check out his antics here. He also has a facebook fanpage if you want to be up to date with the latest bunny news from The Warren.
However, these all on the rather short side compared with sonny sunflower who is 50cm, yes 50cm - I think he has had a growth spurt!
Back soon with some more growth updates.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bead making again

So, you are offered a days babysitting - what do you do? Well, I persuaded Laura to let me have another play with her torch. Here are my efforts for the day.

It took me a while to get back in to the swing of things, I made a few basic beads - I love these colours and then I made some fritties. Note to self for next time - keep an eye on the sizes!
Then I made some floral beads, I am really pleased with these. Since last time, my dot placement is so much more precise. I love the plunged look as well.

Then I tried a bit of encasing - I found this really rather hard, but don't think my first efforts are too bad.

Then it got to about half an hour before I had to go and I had had enough of encasing (I was finding it hard and it was annoying me!). I was umming and ahhing about what to do so, Laura said "do a Jelveh". So, here are my beads, using up a little of everything that was left and a little bit of dichoric. Unfortunately one cracked. but it was great to practice more encasing, fritting, layering , squashing.

Well, what do you think for a second attempt? - that's about 12-14 hrs near a torch under Laura's expert tuition.
I am just a little bit hooked on lampworking now, I find it fascinating. Will I ever take it up? Who knows - maybe one day. Watch this space.