Tuesday, 22 September 2009

How tall can you grow?????

Well, I have had some measurements in for the Sunflower competition and a lot of.......um well ours didn't grow... and .....ours got eaten....and.....ours went swimming etc. etc.
But this is I think the tallest one.

A stunning 320cm!
It is very amazing that this one is as tall as it is as about 2 weeks into the competition the growers mum was explaining how the grower had tipped the compost and seeds onto the garden. A couple of weeks after that we were in the garden looking at her carrots and lettuce and I mentioned that there was a sunflower growing. This beauty is that sunflower.
Before I hand over the prize, which I will blog a picture of at some point, did anyone elses grow any bigger? I did ask for heights in by bh weekend but I don't want to award this one the prize if there is a bigger sunflower lurking somewhere let me know if yours grew bigger else this whopper one gets the prize!

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