Thursday, 10 September 2009

Boston on a budget.....ish

So, last week we planned to go to Brittany for the week.

We have not really been away with little man before except to friends and family, let alone abroad and we are both worriers when it comes to being away with him.
We have spoken to friends who have taken kids:
"give them their tea, put them to bed, put them in the buggy asleep and then go out yourselves" ummm despite being only 3 1/2 he hasn't fitted in a buggy for about a year (too heavy and too tall) and unless he was really pooped he would sooo wake up
"just keep them up late and eventually their body clock alters, take them to the hotel entertainment, they will love it" hmmm may work but someone needs his sleep, he still has an afternoon nap of an hour and sleeps about 11-12 hrs a night. He gets very crabby and grumpy when tired and I am not a mum who does crabby lol. Plus I am not really a hotel entertainment kind of person - unless it is good.
"just put them to sleep and read on the balcony" wouldn't work for us. Little man is very good at going to bed, but if he can see us sleep he will not. Plus sitting on the balcony reading is not my idea of a holiday.

So, where does that leave us??? "camping" I thought.
I have lovely, possibly warped, memories of camping as a child.

Photo courtesy of Eurocamp

You get your accomodation, you get a pool/s, you get entertainment/kids clubs if you want. you can come and go as you please. You can cook or eat out. Plus you can sit out (or in) whilst small child goes to sleep. Ok, so it's camping. You have to do your own washing up. But for me it works.

Problem....the week we want to book was the last week most of the parks were open. Hmmm would all the facilities be available?? plus Britanny has had an issue of toxic seaweed on the beaches and they were what we were going for. So, Brittany went by the by and we ahd the week at home (See previous blog post).

So, where does that leave us???
  • Me sulking "but I want a holiday"
  • "if we don't go abroad this year with little man, we never will"
  • "I really fancy new England in the Fall"
  • hubby who has been very quite up till now "ok"
  • Me "errr what"
  • Him "that sounds like a great idea"
  • Me - stunnned silence

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So, I am frantically looking at trying to book us a holiday in Boston. But it is sooooo expensive. A friend has suggested that we look at residence inns or similar as they can have a seperate sleeping/living area so we could have a little bit of comfort whilst someone goes to bed earlier than us. Problem is that most are out of town. So, do we go in town, pay more and use public transport or go out of town, pay less but get a hire car??? Hmmm tough one especially as I don't know the area.

Twitter came up trumps today though, as I tweeted my dilema and the Charles Hotel offered me a very good twitter rate. It looks very nice and convenient, and we can book two ajoiining rooms, but still prob far too pricey for us - haven't dared ask my bh yet.

One thing for sure though, wherever we stay, we are going to have to fly premium economy as hubby will need the leg room (he is 6ft 8). It will cost more, but I think we are going to have to do it for his comfort. So, that's any budget blown before we have even taken off! Defiantely means the room will have to cost less......

Any advice on places to visit, stay, eat in Boston all greatfully recieved....I need this holiday to work else I don't think we will have one until littley has flown the nest! Off to look at hotels again now - wish me luck.


nickynackynoo said...

Don't know if there's a Doubletree in Boston, but we stayed at one in New York last year and it was great - us in bedroom, 3 kids in sitting room. Great bathroom plus kitchen.

eve said...

i went on a camping trip with eurocamp a few years ago, my kids loved it, we went to st malo. My hubby was brought up on camping trips but i'm not a lover, but i tried it anyway.

BeadyPool said...

Thanks Nic, we were looking at the double tree as it ticked all our boxes. Maybe not the plushest of hotels but does what we want. Have just booked the embassy suites though at the airport :) same idea but includes breakfast.....
I think you either love or hate camping Eve, I am a lover but i know alot of people who don't. At least you tried it lol