Saturday, 26 September 2009

Mad grannies biscuits

Well, I think I am allowed to call her that. Mad granny is my mum. When we fist had our sone she decided she would be called granny, not nanny, nan or grandma - granny and then with one of her wicked smiles mum said "mad granny".
So, I am afraid to say it has stuck.
Mad granny makes the most fantastic biccies, I think the recipe was originally out of one of the sunday suppliments but mum has adulterated it to include less sugar amoungst other things. It was very very sweet - even now it's sweet enough.
I am making these as I write so if I get the chance before they are eaten I will post some pics.
2oz brown or dark brown soft sugar
5oz jumbo oats (they need to be the jumbo ones)
2 fl oz sunflower oil
Mix the above and leave for an hour.
Then you need:
1 beaten egg
1oz sunflower seeds
1oz pumpkin seeds
2oz dried chopped apricots
After the first lot of ingredients has been left for an hour mix in the rest of the ingredients. You will have a loose oat bix which sticks together when cooked. Spoon onto baking paper and flatten slightly - you can make them as big or small as you want, I tend to make them about a rounded dessert spoon in size.
Bake at 180C, gas 4 for 12-15 mins - or until starting to brown.
Allow to cool a bit and then transfer to a cooling rack.
I think this makes about 10-12, but I always double the recipe. They are also fab broken up on yoghurt or with icecream.
Yum yum - enjoy.


Laura said...

They sound lush!

Post some pics .....

odd.sox said...

mmm, they sound chewily delicious!