Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Boston here we come

It's booked - finally :) Boston here we come.
We have settled on an Embassy Inn. They have one bedroom suites so we can have the lounge to ourselves in the evening whilst little man sleeps in the main bed. We can transfer him to the sofa bed when we are ready to go to sleep at least that is the plan. They also have a small kitchenette in the room with a microwave and fridge. Plus the hotel has a pool and gives us a buffet breakfast each morning. The hotel is 5 mins walk across a kids play park to the T, which apparently is $2 into town. We are also close to the car hire so can just book what we want when we want, which is good as parking costs at the hotels are sky high.
A downside could well be that the hotel is at Boston airport, but all the reviews say that you can't hear the plane noise in the hotel. I am hoping on the plus side that a bit of plane spotting will keep the boys amused :)
So flights and hotel is booked, now I just need to look into what we are going to do whislt we are there. It's times like this that the internet is a fab resource.
One thing I have learnt though....when booking through expedia check your prices as a package and seperately. We booked the hotel and flight seperately, saved nearly £200 and have got premium economy seats rather than economy. Hubby really does need the extra leg room.


Laura said...

Good for you! I'm sure you'll all have a great time. :o)

I stayed at a hotel next to an airport once. Okay, it was just a Travel Inn at Southampton Airport BUT the planes weren't at all bothersome.

Mel P said...

Hooray for you, have a fab time V! Boston is awsome, LOBSTER, LOBSTER, LOBSTER, best in the whole world there. There is a fab system for sight seeing, the pavements have coloured lines on them , basically you follow the lines according to the site tour you want to do, how ace is that! Have a smashing time, when do you go? I think we have a guide book if you want to borrow it, let me know and I will pop it over (if I can find it:0) )

trinket box said...

Have a great time! And thanks for the tip about expedia - looking into booking a trip to NY on there, so that's helpful to know! x

BeadyPool said...

Thanks Laura, I am really looking forward to it - counting down the days lol
Thanks for the guide book offer Mel - thankfully at the moment the library has come up trumps :) I will look into the coloured sightseeing bit - sounds like a fab idea.
NY is fab trinket box have a fab time.