Thursday, 9 July 2009

Widget's Measured have you???

Well, here are our sunflowers, growing well and flowering.......
However, here are the other two plants - planted at the same time but when I transplanted them they ended up with the raspberry canes rather than near the conservatory.....what a difference.
I am beginning to think that it be slow but steady that wins this race, who knows.
If you are in the competition, I sent an email last week about measuring but in case you didn't get it......please measure to the highest point of the flower - petals and all from the soil once your sunflower is in full flower. I will close the competition when we have all the measurements in.
A few measurements from some other growers - abizar is 1m 63 and sonny is 2m 17.....and some have just given up the ghost.
Widget has been measuring as well.........I think this is the case of the attack of the 50ft bunny or in this case as the bunny maker says "No one knows that you are really a 32" bunny, Widget, which makes that sunflower - oooo, about 72". Not that he is cheating again or anything!
Widget really, it is the taking part that counts and it is all for charity. You are really rather competative. If you want to see what else Widget gets up to check out his blog...yes the bunny has his own blog!
Talking of charity - a huge thank you to all who have taken part as we have raised nearly £80 for Macmillan Cancer. Thank you all.


Mel P said...

Shoot, sorry V I will do it this weekend. We have lost the tape measure (honestly we really have!) Have a great week xxxx

Mel P said...

Hi Lovely. Please will you mail me when you ahve a mo? Thank you xxxx

The Crystal Lady said...

I am awarding you with a One Lovely Blog award. This was awarded to me by Madam Salami. Now, I'm passing it on to you because I love your blog!

Rules to follow:
1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that love and/or have newly discovered.
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4. Use the One Lovely Blog award picture from my blog, on your blog to let everyone know that you have one lovely Blog!
You can find your award picture on my blog

Half an Acre said...

Widget's sunflower is now getting shorter. I think it is the reverse of Pinnochio's nose. The more he lies about its height, the shorter it gets!

last year our sunflowers were HUGE - don't know what has gone wrong this one.
When is the last measurement due? perhaps Widget's will get a spurt on now it is planted out in the veg patch.

BeadyPool said...

Mel, I am afraid I really don't beleive you :) Get out there and get measuring!
Thank you for the blog award Crystal Lady - I will put it on my to do list (it's quite long at the mo I may be a while)