Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bead making again

So, you are offered a days babysitting - what do you do? Well, I persuaded Laura to let me have another play with her torch. Here are my efforts for the day.

It took me a while to get back in to the swing of things, I made a few basic beads - I love these colours and then I made some fritties. Note to self for next time - keep an eye on the sizes!
Then I made some floral beads, I am really pleased with these. Since last time, my dot placement is so much more precise. I love the plunged look as well.

Then I tried a bit of encasing - I found this really rather hard, but don't think my first efforts are too bad.

Then it got to about half an hour before I had to go and I had had enough of encasing (I was finding it hard and it was annoying me!). I was umming and ahhing about what to do so, Laura said "do a Jelveh". So, here are my beads, using up a little of everything that was left and a little bit of dichoric. Unfortunately one cracked. but it was great to practice more encasing, fritting, layering , squashing.

Well, what do you think for a second attempt? - that's about 12-14 hrs near a torch under Laura's expert tuition.
I am just a little bit hooked on lampworking now, I find it fascinating. Will I ever take it up? Who knows - maybe one day. Watch this space.


AMIdesigns said...

wow, you've done a great job! I've awarded you an Honest Scrap award, please check out my blog

Suze said...

They're terrific...I especially like your florals, congratulations.
I'm glad to hear you're hooked, and maybe sometime, you will make the leap and join the world of lamp-workers.

Mel P said...

V these are amazing, well done you and Laura! I love the floral ones and your encasing is fab! xxx

Saffie said...

Lovin those beads your encasing is brill it has taken me since Christmas to get my head around that!!!

Laura said...

Glad you're pleased with them, and so you should be!

L x

BeadyPool said...

Thank you all so much for your kind comments. I am really pleased with my attempts, would love to take it up properly. Maybe one day :)

Jenn said...

These are gorgeous! I'm quite impressed. Only you're second attempt! Laura is a fab teacher and you are a fab student.