Friday, 22 May 2009

Sunflower update

Well, they are growing so that's a start :)
No pics of our efforts I am afraid. We had Diggy Bear to stay and he helped measure but I cannot find the photo anywhere!
So, here are a few measurements to keep you all going:
Grubby Gang - 1.5cm
Growing Pains - 7cm and 4cm
Abizara - 16cm
One More time - 17cm
Boris and Billy - 4.5cm and 6cm
Us - 24.5 cm
Dollie - picture below - 7cm and 11cm

Widget's are 7.5cm - you can check out his antics here. He also has a facebook fanpage if you want to be up to date with the latest bunny news from The Warren.
However, these all on the rather short side compared with sonny sunflower who is 50cm, yes 50cm - I think he has had a growth spurt!
Back soon with some more growth updates.


Mel P said...

Yikes I have not measured mine, I will do this weekend and pm you, sorry V xxxx

BeadyPool said...

No rush hun, I am three weeks behind posting the measurements *slaps wrist* I will ask for another lot in a few weeks so wait or then.

Half an Acre said...

LOL you didn't mention he'd cheated and those are plastic ones!!