Thursday, 26 June 2008

Beach, Beach

I've not posted in nearly two weeks as little man and I have been back home visiting my folks, aka mad granny (her name for herself not mine!) and papa, in Cornwall. We had a fabulous time and someone was very very tired each night, infact we all were, my parents never seem to stop. We visited the beach lots, took the train from Truro to St Ives and then had pasties at Marizion and went on Papas boat. G can't manage to say grandpa yet so we have shortened it to papa. Now all he says is "okay papa" at every road junction to let him know it is ok to go. Whether it is or not is another matter!
When asked little man wanted to always go to the beach. At Gylly beach; we made faces in the sand out of granny's and G's feet, had a shop selling different types of seaweed and went rockpooling. We found a big crab, far too big for me as I don't like them, lots of blennies and shrimps. Hope you like the faces we made.

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