Monday, 2 June 2008

Flying Visitor

I finally finished my purple and green charm bracelet yesderady using Laura Sparlings beads. I know it has taken me ages, but I have been really busy doing other things this week. Firstly I had a sale on my website. I so need to shift some stock as I have lots of beads shouting to be used and nowhere to store the made jewellery.
Little man visited Nan and Grandad for a couple of days, which was a lovely break for me. It also meant I got to visit my friend and her 2 month old daughter, who is very cute. It also meant that hubby got some time to finally finish our patio - which is now looking lovely. Just now need the weather to enjoy it properly :)
Sunday we were all back home together, mowing the lawn and doing other things you do on a Sunday when little man needed a bum change. For some reason this had to be done on the conservatory floor, ask him not me! So there is me leaning over my son, no nappy on about to put on a clean one when.... flap flap flap. Into our conservatory flies a bird, but not just any bird.
Now a blackbird or maybe even a pigeon I could manage, but this was neither. No we were visited by a sparrowhawk! Yes a sparrowhawk spent a good couple of hours or so flapping around our conservatory crashing into the windows and pooing - lovely.
I can truely say that was the last thing I expected to happen yesterday!

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