Friday, 13 June 2008


Sally Carver or Red Hot Sal as she is otherwise known makes some gorgeous beads. She made these lovely ivory cored lampwork beads drizzled with silver and gold droplets and deeply encased in clear. They seemed to just be begging to be mixed with lots of Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. This is a really delicate and different necklace for me, with two rows of beads interlinking at each handwired lampwork bead. The necklace was sold last week and with some of the beads I had left I made the matching earrings as well.
Morning Dew

Then, only a day after I had made the matching earrings another client came to me with a dress she had for Ascot week and wondered if I had any beads that would match. The dress was a lovely simple black dress with a gorgeous pale gold band of embelishment under the bust line. I had four of Red Hot Sals beads left from the set and here is the resulting bracelet.

I used some pale topaz Swarovski crystals to bring out the gold colour in the dress. Freshwater pearls to compliment the lampwork and allow the bracelet to be worn with a classic pearl necklace or earrings and black faceted Czech rondelles to highlight the lampwork and bring in the black from the dress. I am really quite pleased with what I have acheived with this bracelet. I may not be going to Ascot, but at least my jewellery is - maybe next year for me. I hope the lady who bought this has a fantastic couple of days.

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