Friday, 6 June 2008

The one that, thankfully, got away....

See, I have not got to the stage of imagining things just yet! This is my feathered visitor - he was a bit scary flapping around! Looking in my bird book, I have decided he is a sparrowhawk, but if I am wrong please do tell me.
On a much more interesting note in my book and much easier to handle, below are a couple of bracelets I have been making, the top one features beads by Isabelle Anderson, the colours in the lampwork are just stunning.
This second one features lampwork by Caroline Hannon, the picture doesn't really to the beads justice. They are a lovely opalescent creamy yellow core encased in clear, I called this bracelet chess as the colours remind me of the squares on a chess board. Very sorry though, if either take your fancy as they have just gone to a new home.


Julie said...

OMG, you're so brave! I'd be too busy running round screaming if a bird was in my house, no way would I be able to take a photo!

BeadyPool said...

I'm not that brave - I took the photo from behind glass doors and then used the zoom on the camera and on the photo editor. Isn't technology amazing:)