Monday, 9 June 2008

Mummy's Nuts

Don't you just love two year olds? For the past week, I've been detoxing for the last week and have been eating lots of fruit/veg and nuts. My little man keeps seeing my nuts and want some so I've been saying no they're mummy's nuts. Being the parrot that he is starting to become...every time he sees any nuts he says "mummy's nuts". Only thing is he also says it randomly at other times of the day - my inlaws think its hilarious.....its starting to wear a bit thin with me, I know I'm a bit off my rockers at times but even my own son has no cottoned on, I am beginning to think that there is no hope for me :)
My folks visited the end of last week. They were on their way home from camper vanning in Ireland. (I did try telling them Bracknell is not on the way between Ireland and Cornwall, but they wanted to see their grandson). So we did a couple of touristy things including seeing the changing of the guard at Windsor castle and a boat trip up the Thames. This photo was taken coming back down river - you kind of take it all for granted when you live near by.
On a beady note, this gorgeous bracelet is made using lampwork beads by Caroline Hannon, Sterling Silver and Karen Hill Tribe Silver beads. The beads are a lovely deep topaz base with natural toned frit on top. Hope you like.


Crafted Gems said...

wow i love what you've done with my beads annd i love your blog

BeadyPool said...

Thanks Caroline - glad you like the bracelet. I think it's always interesting to see what us jewellery people make with your beads - often wonder if our creations match anything you had in mind when making them?

Crafted Gems said...

do you know what i never have anything in mind for my beads, i just hope that i will see what gets made with them, i used to but after nearly 2 years of selling you kinda stop.

and my 3 year old is a parrot too and it is soooo embarassing at times, lol