Sunday, 6 July 2008

Beady Giveaway

I've had some time today to load up my photos (which it seems like I took ages ago LOL), name them and then add my prices to my excel spread sheet, blimey its exciting around here! Next step is to upload them all onto my website and onto Flickr. I am nearly up to date with Flickr, my plan is upload all my current photos and then as I make and take so to speak I will upload onto Flickr first - its a bit quicker than Mr Site who runs my website. However, I cannot complain as Mr Site has served me very well and has been a good (and cheap) introduction to having a webite.
Anyhows, I digress........finally I have uploaded the photo of the charm bracelet I made with the gorgeous teal beads decorated in fine lilac stringer which I bought from the very talented bead maker Laura Sparling - that lady must have such a steady hand! I told you about the bracelet ages and ages ago and here it is........

Have you noticed though, the glaring error? has no name.
Its got to that time of the weekend when I have had a glass of red (yes just one this evening) and my brain has given up for the night. So, the solution I have decided, is to ask for your help.
Your task, if you wish to accept it is, to come up with a name for the charm bracelet I made with the lovely Laura's beads. Now, I would hate for you to be unrewarded for your efforts so, for the person who comes up with the best suggestion (and just so you don't all harass me for my decision I will get my BH to choose - poor chap) I will send them this very delicate bracelet made with lampwork beads by the talented Caroline Hannon (See below) to say a big thank you for their efforts. All you have to do is email me with your idea, or post below and the rest is up to him. I will get him to make a decision this Thursday (10th) evening and I will try to get the winning name on here by 10pm.

So, get your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with.


Laura said...

Love what you've done with my beads, Veryan! Will try and think of a name .....

BeadyPool said...

So glad you like it, they were sat in my "mess" room for ages and then - inspiration struck. I've had lots of names emailed to me - I so don't envy my BH's job thurs eve!

Ali P said...

Hi Veryan,
Love the bracelet - but no name is coming to mind - although green and purple are Wimbledon Colours so maybe there's something there?!? Then again maybe not! I just stopped by to let you know I've given you an award - so check out my blog to see it ;)

Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

names are the hardest part sometimes aren't they?

how about (brainstorming here):
- grapes and raisins
- grapes of joy (a play on the booktitle, get it?)
- raisins in the grass (another play)
- aurora borealis
- northern lights

ok, i'm done now - hope it at least got you thinking ;-)


BeadyPool said...

OMG I am so touched and award :) That has made my day LOL - am off to have a look in a mo.
Thanks for all the names - Great ideas, I like aurora borealis, but then I'm not choosing!

Helen Hughes said...

Hi Veryan

I like the blog - I haven't looked at the gallery yet, but it's my next click with the mouse! I'd call the bracelet 'Dingle Dangle Sparling'. Speak soon, Helen xx