Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Red Polka Heaven

A while ago, I bought this stunning set of beads from Trudi at Glittering Prize , aren't they lovely?
It is more unusual to get red lampwork beads than other colours. The glass is coloured with metal oxides. Red comes from gold oxide so is expensive and rarer than say copper oxide whoch makes the blues and greens. When I saw this set of beads I fell in love with them.

With the set, I made a bracelet and a pair of earrings and I still have some black spacer beads left for another project.

What do you think of this stunning handmade karen hilltribe heart toggle? Stunning isn't it? I just had to use it with these red beads. I have echoed the red and black of the lampwork with faceted chunky Czech red rondelles and onyx rondelles. A few round hammered hilltribe silver beads and in my mind you have one stunning bracelet.

For the earrings I used the main polka dot lampwork beads and the black spacers along with my favourite at the moment the karen hilltribe daisy spacer. I love that flash of silver between the beads, it is so subtle and yet eye catching.

I hope to get the beauties listed in the Beady Pool Folksy shop later this evening, in the meantime I am going to think of a name for them! Hope you like them x
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nickynackynoo said...


Trudi from Glittering Prize said...

Wow - I really love what you've done with them, the mix with the silver really sets tehm off!

There must be something in the air though, as I made myself some of these beads and last night I made a bracelt and neacklace to match the earrings I already had!!

You're right, you don't often see red lampwork beads. Along with oranges and yellows, red tends to be a "striking" colour where the shades changes as you heat and cool it. So it's not easy to get consistent shades to make sets!

trinket box said...

I never thought about that, but you are right - there aren't many red lampwork beads out there.

I love what you've made with the beads, especially the bracelet which is absolutely STUNNING. I love your work!


averilpam said...

they are beautiful beads and I love the toggle you've used for the bracelet,
pam x

Suze said...

A stunning set...very pretty designs with beautiful beads.

Yup, you have to be careful, otherwise you can end up with just a brown mess...