Thursday, 18 March 2010

Folksy Friday - Lampwork jewellery

I have a love for lampwork beads.
That is handmade, one of a kind artisan lampwork beads. Each one lovingly made from a rod of glass gently heated in a hot flame and coaxed into a bead, each one different, each one individual.
Beady Pool jewellery is mainly designed around these artisan beads with a good sprinkling of silver, stunning gemstones and quality glass beads. To celebrate Beady Pool's love of lampwork this weeks Folksy friday focuses on these handmade beads.
Check out these beauties. Don't forget each one is unique as the beads used are unique - you won't see anyone else wearing these items

Bracelet - corinna2designs
Silica necklace - beaushambles
Snowdrop necklace - CeeGee jewellery
green heart necklace - Fairly Girly
Lime tree necklace - Whitecockade46
Blumen Bracelet - Beady Pool
earrings - Saffron Jewellery
Cocktail ring - Kookie Designs
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FairlyGirly said...

A lovely selection of lampwork beads in stunning creations. Thanks for featuring my green heart necklace. x

Mel P said...

Thank you for featuring me V, what a lovely selection of scrumminess xxxxx

odd.sox said...

Really beautiful stuff - that cocktail ring is stunning. x

maricesworld said...

Fairly Girly's heart necklace is beautiful...and the same colour i'm painting my living room! Lovely silver flower charm on your bracelet.

BeadyPool said...

Thanks for your comments x There were some really lovely pieces to choose from, it was very difficult to pick ones to feature :)