Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Gylly Beach, Gylly Beach Grandma

Half term saw me and my little man making the four and a bit hours train journey back home to see granny and papa in Cornwall. I've not lived down there now for near on ten plus years but in some respects it is and will always be home. It's funny really but lots of people feel an affinity with Cornwall and I do miss it, especially the sea. Whether I will ever get to move back is another story, what with the high house prices and the lower wages than in the Thames Valley. I am however lucky that my family are there and we can visit whenever we want - assuming my folks aren't off in their camper van! We didn't fantastic weather but it was okay and boy did we make the most of it - my mum is always on the go. My parents are fairly centrally located for both coasts, however this visit we spent most of our time visiting Gylly beach.

Gylly beach or Gyllynvase is one of Falmouth beaches just at the bottom of castle drive. Its a shingle and sand beach depending on what the tides have been doing and it has a fab beach cafe. I have a thing about their blackcurrant and white chocolate flapjacks and their burgers are rather good to! every time we said we were going to the beach my little man kept saying "gylly beach, gylly beach grandma". I am beginning to wonder if he thinks it is the only beach in the world! We whiled away literally hours throwing stones into the sea and into the rock pools - endless fun. The sea looked freezing, but there are a few locals who swim daily all weathers....brrrr, we were all dressed in about four layers and had to have (yes we had to) hot chocolates afterwards. It was the week of the North wind where England had snow - I haven't known Cornwall that cold for years.
Just outside of the cafe in the flower beads I spotted this gorgeous plant...isn't it stunning?

Due to Cornwall's Mediterranean climate lots of half hardy plants grow in its temperate climate. If you are ever that was and are even remotely interested in plants there are loads of gardens to visit - not just the famous Eden Project.

Just check out those blue flowers against the red of the leaves - nature can be so stunning and in October aswell! I did find out the plants name - it is related to a Puya (growing next to these plants) and it is a bromeliad of some kind, but for the life of me and many google picture searches I now can't find it...if I do I will let you all know. More jewellery coming soon...watch this space.


Laura said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time. That's a pretty amazing-looking flower!

BeadyPool said...

Thanks Laura, we did have a fab time. I still can't believe that flower is real!

Mana Moon Studios said...

What a wonderful trip and such beauty! That flower is just incredible I've never seen anything like it. The beach is so fast and reminds me of where I grew up. I'm with you in that I'll probably never make it back to living there but will always have those fond memories of the power of the sea. You're fortunate that you can visit when you like and we're fortunate in that you'll share these visits with us, thanks!

BeadyPool said...

My pleasure to share - the sea has such a calming effect on me. I'm sure some sea is in in my blood as I am so drawn to it. Can't wait for my next trip home :)

Earth and Fire beads said...

Glad you had a great time. I've only been to Cornwall once and that was many years ago when I was a young'un! I'd love to go again. What a great inspirational picture of that flower. Nature is so clever!

BeadyPool said...

Oh go it's a fantastic place - each coast is different and then you have the moors as well.