Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Boats, trains and seals

Apologies for the lack of posts from me recently, I have been home to Cornwall for a two week holiday with the little man. We have had a lovely time, its just a shame my BH had to come back after the first weekend as he didn't have enough holiday allowance left.
We visited lots of beaches and G spent hours literally picking up stones and throwing them into the sea, preferably the bigger the better and if it is embedded in the sand and is really hard to get at, its even better still! I am very lucky as my parents live between Truro and Falmouth and therefore have really easy access to both coasts. We also took him surfing at Porthtowan, which he loved - okay, he was only about knee deep but he is only 2 and a bit! A couple of trips out on papas boat, a visit to the seal sanctury and lots of icecream made for a very enjoyable holiday.
To endeavour to be a little more environmantally friendly and to save my BH almost a 10hr round trip I decided to brave the train coming home - it was an experience to say the least. First off, due to having no guard, my carefully selected train (no connections, shortest journey and as cheap as possible) was cancelled. I actually stood on the platform and watched it go through the station. The alternatives were a later train that would be a connecting one and would get me into Reading far too late for G's bedtime - I was already pushing it with the train I had originally booked or a taxi to Exeter and then I could get my original train as they had a guard at Exeter. Funnily enough I decided that an hour and a half in a taxi with wriggler boy and no car seat and then having to possibly miss the train at Exeter didn't really float my boat. So we stayed another night and caught the train the next morning......and that is another story, we had a run in with a very rude guard! Other than that the journey wasn't too bad, fidget bum didn't sit still and I did read Thomas about 10 times (I feel for the other passengers).
Would I do it again - probably, but I would again try to pick as shortest journey as possible.
Now I am back home I have a huge to do list for Beady Pool, not least give my award on that Ali gave me at the beginning of the month and photograph some of my new creations. Oh to have a few more hour in the day.

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Laura said...

Glad you had a nice time in Cornwall.

Trains are a nightmare, aren't they? My fortnightly journeys to and from Cambridge never go according to plan. Rubbish!

Laura x