Saturday, 18 April 2009


A little while ago Fabric Nation had a competion on her blog. Now normally I am not really into entering competions as usually I don't win. However, Fabric Nations gorgeous doggies took my fancy and I kind of thought why not. Then, much to my surprise I ended up winning. How pleased am I? Look at these gorgeous goodies that came through my door last week.

Gorgeously packaged, with lots of funky stamps on the envelope (I loved the birdy). I recieved a fab flower broach - this was really nicely displayed on tree. A fantastic Retro scotty dog broach and a hand printed card.
This package coming through my door really made my day and cheered me up no end. Only problem is I have lost the dog to my 3yr old son. "Love the doggy mummy can I have it on my jacket". So off my cardi it came and onto his jacket. He them smothered it in kisses - I think it's a hit. I am just hoping he forgets about it soon so I can have it back.


Mel P said...

Well done you, what a great prize. I hope that you had a great Easter xx

niftyknits said...

oh wow - well done! you're on a winning streak!

Saffie said...

congrats that is so cool!!

Fabric Nation said...

Glad you like them!