Monday, 27 April 2009

Pink Spangles

I just had to buy these gorgeous pink encased frit beads by Laura Sparling a while back. Just look at the vibrancy of the pink and that deep encasing just makes them sparkle and twinkle.

Unsurprisingly they didn't stay on the website for long. The lady who bought them wanted a pendant to go with them. Now normally when I use lampwork then that is all I have, but in this case I had made the earrings and had beads left. So, after a bit of discussion here is the matching pendant.

It was a joy to make, it just worked straight off. Sometimes a piece does and sometimes it doesn't. With this it was as if it was just meant to be.
So, is she pleased? Well, I think so as I have had to make the remaining beads into a set for her daughter.
Oh, and the Pink Spangles well, I borrowed the name. It is the name of a Heather Cultivar found and named by my grandfather Neil Garland Treseder.

I borrowed the picture from Burncoose Nurseries which is the UK's largest mail order plant specialist. They stock a lot of granfather's plants and are well worth a visit.


Suze said...

A beautiful set, V...with such vibrant lampworks, and what a great name, especially with such a special personal meaning.
Congratulations on all... :)

niftyknits said...


Linden said...

Those are incredibly beautiful earrings! And what a lovely personal connection - I've just Googled your grandfather and found some really interesting articles to read.

I've also added Burncoose Nurseries to my Bookmarks and will be telling my Dad about it (a sort of birthday hint, hint, lol!)

BeadyPool said...

Thank you Suze, Nifty and Linden. I am so glad you like the jewellery.
Linden, you probably found my mums book then - A passion for Plants written under her maiden name. At one point the Treseders were the second largest employers in Cornwall after the Great Western Railway. Unfortunately they were more interested in plants than money! The plantsman now is my cousin James who run wall cottage nurseries at Lockengate, St Austell apparently they are planning on housing the national mint collection. Hope your dad takes the hint.

Linden said...

Hi Beady and thanks, got this link bookmarked also - my Dad's going to have no problem with birthdays for quite some time to come!

I'm going to hunt out a copy of your mum's book, it looks really interesting.

BeadyPool said...

@Linden - your poor dad;) At least he won't be stuck for ideas.
Mum's book is good - A passion for plants by Suzanne Treseder publisher Alison Hodge. It's an easy read family history - the Treseders were one of the first tree fern importers amoungst other things. It must be in the blood as I have an affinity for plants as well - I just don't know all the posh names lol

ChatElaine said...

Lovely jewellery Veryan, very pretty, and the flowers are gorgeous too, I love tall flowering plants.