Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Traditions

We had an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday as most people with kids probably did, but we also did something a little different. This is something of a tradition in our family, I am not too sure where it come from but both sides of the family used to do it so maybe it's a Cornish thing - who knows.
Anyway you get some eggs (preferably white or light coloured), ours were a little dark so the result wasn't great this year. You then draw silly faces on them.

You then boil them in a pan of water with loads of gorse flowers (mind your fingers when picking these - ouch!). These come into their own about Easter time, but do bloom all the year round. The gorse flowers when boiled dye the water and therefore the eggs a lovely yellow colour.
Hmmm no pic of yellow dyed eggs and soldiers I hear you say - well despite being dyed yellow the pic didn't show it up very well - sorry. Mind you they did make yummy egg sarnies :)
Pics soon of our glorious few days in the sun sun sun.

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