Saturday, 3 May 2008

Design Weekend

I am so excited, some of my jewellery is currently on display at the 10th design weekend 2008 at Tatton Park. The shop that stocks my jewellery in Lymington, Loveit-Wantit, are at the trade fair and have taken some of my jewellery with them. Check out the Loveit-Wantit website for gorgeous home and garden items.
I am still working on putting paypal onto my website (Why does it all seem to take so long?) so in the meantime.....

Stormy Waters

Beads from the ever so talented Isabelle Anderson at Flame and Glass. The detailing reminds me of white horses but the colours of stormy seas hence the name. Keeping in with the sea theme I just had to use Karen Hill Tribe Silver Shell beads and the faceted Czech glass beads really bring out the blue in Izzy's beads.

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