Friday, 16 May 2008

Catching Up

I've been a bit slack on the jewellery making front the past few days, I just seem to have been busy doing other things. Then again if i really wanted to make some I would have made some time :)
I did manage a couple of pieces, one with some lovely blue beads by Isabelle Anderson and the other a charm bracelet using a really summery set of beads by Angie Finn. I have named the latter Fresh as a Daisy, I think you may see from the pic below as to why! Really fresh summery colours and all those lampwork flowers.

Fresh as a Daisy

I took the plunge a while ago and joined facebook, but didn't do much about it. Kind of logged on, didn't upload a picture and then got a bit bored of it all. However earlier this week one of the lads I did physics with at uni managed to track me down. I did think that having a name like mine might make me easy to find, but it is surprising how many of us there are! Anyway found I have been and since then I have been a bit hooked. Finding the time to mail everyone back is proving time consuming, but I will get there at some time.
It's interesting finding out what people are up to - especially as most I haven't been in touch with for ten or so years - I look so young in some of those uni photos! Sadly though so far, only I have bought myself an alien for my solar system. Will try not to get too hung up on that to cry over a cuppa :)

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