Monday, 26 May 2008

Admin Backlog

I don't know why really, but over the past month or so I have had no real inclination to make much jewellery. Reading other crafty blogs, it seems I shouldn't be at all suprised, others seem to go through phases like I just have.
Anyway in true me style I gutted my junk room - sorry studio yesterday. I took everything out, tidied them all up, had a good clear out and clean and then put it all back. I just seem to need to do that every now and again. When I start on the wardrobe though, then its time to worry!
It's not just the "studio" that has been cleared, I also got rid of some odds and ends on Freecycle. I LOVE that site, its the best thing for recycling. I managed to find a new home for some excess toys, some storage boxes which were just the wrong size, some old padded envelopes (I buy far too many beads LOL ) and some roll of cellophane left over from when I used to make cakes for WI Country Markets and everything had to be wrapped just so. Check out Freecycle
here. It is so easy, find your local site, sign up, post an item and hopefully someone will take it off your hands. You can also reply to offers, obviously and ask for items. I picked up some autumn fruiting raspberry canes for my green patch yesterday.
After all that my brain is feeling a bit more chilled and I am back to making the jewellery. I am currently working on a charm bracelet using teal and purple beads by
Laura Sparling.
I also managed to photograph the bracelet made with Isabelle Andersons beads.
Blue Moods

As ever beautiful beads from Izzy, in this set each one had a different patterning to it. I think they look stunning with the handmade Karen Hill Tribe hammered silver beads and the clear blue Czech glass.
Am off now to update my website, another thing I have been neglecting. I plan to upload all my current stock and then.....have a clear out!

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