Sunday, 11 January 2009

Red sky in the morning......

Shepherd's warning...well we must be in for some pretty awful weather if this mornings sunrise is anything to go by. The photo was taken at about eight in the morning, the colours were even more intense before that but I was making my boys brekkie in bed. It's become a bit of a weekend institution! Check out the frost on the road as well - it looks like it had snowed over night, but just on the tarmac.
Today we made fairy cakes, my son is enthralled by the idea of baking, so he and I made the cakes and then he decorated them with daddy.
Remind me next time to sweep and mop the floor after making cakes which are going to be decorated with sprinkles not before and not to leave a bowl of sprinkles easily to hand. Obviously I was wrong to assume my BH would not allow our little man open access to the sprinkles. I know I am a bit of a control freak at times, but I would of only let him at them when each cake was iced and ready to decorate - not whilst I was sorting the icing and had my back turned away. Like pine needles from the Christmas tree I think I will be finding coloured sprinkles for weeks, maybe months, to come :)

We did make a dozen, but one didn't make it to the icing production line......cakes are always best fresh.


Crafted Gems said...

oh yummy cake. My son has a thing for butter icing and edible glitter, lol

Looks like he had fun

BeadyPool said...

Yum edible glitter, sounds like lots of fun will have to see if I can find some - is it easy to get hold of?