Monday, 5 January 2009

Belated Christmas pics

Apologies for the lateness but I have finally managed to get my hubbies camera off him in order to download the pics of our Christmas decoration.
Greedily we ended up with two trees - there is a reason - honest. I prefer a thinner rather than full tree as I like to put my decoration deep into the branches. However when we put the first one we bought up in the lounge, it was a bit too short and a bit too big around the bottom (a bit like me LOL). I then popped to my friends saw her HUGE tree and had major tree envy.
So off I went to the garden centre and bought another tree. The first one then went into the conservatory (now little mans playroom). He was so excited about having his own tree, bless him. However I did then have to go and buy decorations for his tree. There is no way my glass breakable decs were going anywhere near his tree!
His tree had some really gorgeous soldier decoration and funky bells and pressies. Our tree was dark red, silver and clear with glass icicles and delicate glass drizzled stars. So not exactly child friendly. The pic was taken after Christmas hence why no pressies underneath.

Then, with the cut off branches, a couple of bunches of roses and a bit of hedgerow plundering I tried my hand at making my own wreath. The roses are loooking a bit frost bitten as this was taken two weeks after making - apologies but I have had the lergy that is going around :)

And finally, I tried my hand at an arrangement for the mantle peice - not bad for a first try? The roses were red when I put them in, but the fire took effect after 10days.

I am really quite pleased with my efforts on the arranging front and may well try again next year. I hope you like them as well.

I've got a few hyacinths coming on nicely in the bay window - will show you them soon, they smell gorgeous.


Swiss Side Jewellery etc said...

Hi Veryan,
That wreath and arrangement are gorgeous - you would've paid loads for that in a shop. Well done !

ChatElaine said...

Lovely display, I am so rubbish at flower arranging. Very good first attempt. Hope your feeling better now. Happy 2009!!

BeadyPool said...

Thanks ladies - I am beginning to think flower arranging may be next on my list of things to try my hand at.
Elaine, I'm much better thanks, but it keeps coming back in a different disguise - this eve I am loosing my voice. (not a bad thing some may say :))