Saturday, 20 September 2008

Spending my pennies

You find all sorts of information out being nosy around other peoples blogs and websites. I can't remember now which lampwork artists website I was looking at, but I noticed they were selling their beads on a new website called Folksy. So being nosy I clicked and an hour or so later, I was still checking out the site. Folksy is a newish website that is going to be similar to Etsy but for UK based crafters and designers. Anyway whilst having a good browse, I found some fantastic handmade purses and bags made by Natalie Farrell.
I would love to be able to sew well, but I have an inability to manage straight lines, so I have a lot of respect for anyone who can. Well, I fell in love with this makeup purse and in the end I just had to buy it. For those who know me, it's quite a bizarre purchase as makeup and I only really cross paths about 5 times a year! I do however love the idea of having makeup nicely tucked away tidily in a gorgeous to look at bag.

Even though I found the bags on Folksy, check out Natalie's own website as it gives a much wider range of her gorgeous purse and bags. It was a toss up between this duck egg blue one or the baby blue, but I am trying to wean myself away from blue so the duck egg won! It is even more gorgeous in the flesh so to speak and fantastically made. I am in awe.


Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, that little makeup bag is ADORABLE! I can see why you had to have it! :)

Crafted Gems said...

how cute, i love those, might have to get myself one