Monday, 21 June 2010

Catching up.

Well, the last you heard from Beady Pool was back at the beginning of April.
I can only apologise, I have no idea where the time has gone to be honest. It's not that we've been idle doing nothing, time has just well, flown by.
Since I last blogged we've:
seen the Gruffalo at the theatre
said bonne voyage to some close friends who have moved to Australia
had loads of kids birthday parties
planted summer flowers and veg in the pre-school garden
helped make cheesy caterpillers in pre-school
been to sports day
been camping in France
and been feeling generally a bit icky.....yep that's right I've been feeling a bit icky however there is a reason, baby Parker no 2 is due the beginning of December. I'm now at 16 weeks and thankfully most of the sick feeling have passed.

Since I last blogged, Beady Pool has:
Had a fab time listing with the April Fools and had a good amount of sales from joining in
Taken part in the Henley Arts trail (More on that soon - promise)
Made a set of hair pins for my sister in laws wedding
Made 2 out of 4 tiara's for the same wedding
Started to make silver clay pendants for the same wedding
Oh and started a side line of girly hairclips and jewellery making kits.

Phew when you write it down like that I have been kind of busy really.
I can't show you pictures of the wedding items just yet as I would hate for the husband to be to be reading my blog as it would spoil the surprise. However I will leave you with a picture of the jewellery making kits I have been making with the help of Pussy Galore's design skills.


Laura G said...

nice to see you back! Huge congrats on no 2! x

Mel P said...

Woo-hoo Congrats V, fabulous news xxxxx

Maple Glass said...

Congratulations, glad to hear the sickness is passing.