Wednesday, 7 April 2010

April Foolishness

Near the end of March, Red Bird Jewellery posted a thread on the Folksy forum asking if anyone fancied joining her for some April foolishness. Her suggestion? To list an item everyday for the whole of April. Yep that is list 30 items, one per day for each and every day of April Well, as if I don't have enough to so I decided to join in. Stupidly when I signed up I forgot I would be back home in Cornwall for the easter weekend and with limited internet access. So, I have been playing catch up. Here are the gorgeous lovelies I have listed so far.
Seaspray Earrings - Lampwork by Laura Sparling

Seaspray Bracelet - Lampwork by Laura Sparling Cosmos Earrings - Lampwork by Laura Sparling

Smokescreen Bracelet - Smokey quartz latern beads and hilltribe silver

Portholes - lampwork by Caroline Cash

Nautical - lampwork by Caroline Cash
Fern - Green Amethyst and Hilltribe silver
Most are available now in my Beady Pool Folksy Shop, a couple have already gone to new homes.
Wish me luck luck for the next 23 days!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I love your items and I'm pleased to see you managed to catch up, you must be relieved?!

Hope the sales fairy visits you soon!

Love Kitty xXx

Quincifer said...

Those purple and green earrings are beautiful! Its my favourite colour combination x

Red Bird Jewellery said...

but it's good fun tho eh?
lovely stuff so far!

Sara said...

Precioso todo y me encantan las cuentas con lunares.