Monday, 16 March 2009

Spotty replay.

Look who came in the post today...... Spotty the sock bunny is destined to become a baby dummy bunny. We are planning to use him to finally rid our son of his dummies. He only has them at nap and night time, but he is three next week so mummy is on a mission :)
So, all primed we leave the dummies in the special box (bought and shown to son) at night and then the dummy bunny comes and takes the dummies and leaves a bunny behind to keep my son company and maybe leaves a pressie to.
Funnily enough though it is never a good time to take away the dummy. Little man was ill over Christmas (we were going to give them to Father Christmas), he currently has the tail end chicken pox and today complined about his mouth hurting. I thought it was the last of the chicken pox in the mouth but oh no we have the bottom back molars on the I said never a good time. We plan on Easter - good time for bunnies to be around I think :)
Will let you know how is goes.


Suze said...

He's cute! Easter sounds the perfect time for the bunny, and what a fun way to wean off the dummy. :)

BeadyPool said...

I just hope it works, if not we will be bringing out the dummy fairies :) If all else fails he will be going cold turkey LOL

Ali P said...

Hi V,
Bunny is very cute ~lets hope he also does the job for which he is intended!
I've also given you an award, it's over on my blog, so check it out when you get a mo.
Ali x