Saturday, 18 October 2008

Out of alignment

I seem to be out of alignment - physically and mentally. The past couple of weeks have been all a bit weird for me, if something could go wrong it just seemed to. I am not a strong believer in horoscopes etc, but even I am beginning to think my planets may be out of alignment! Anyone know if life is looking a bits pants for Aquarians? More likely though it is just me!
Coming up is a bit of a whinge, so if you are all positive, warm, smiley and fluffy then I would come back in a few days when I am back on plot and back to being me ;)
It kind of all started going wrong when I renewed my mobile contract. I did get a good deal so no gripe there, but getting the new phone was a nightmare. Without too much explanation, I waited in for a delivery that looking back they were never going to make and then they tried to deliver when I was on holiday - and yes I did tell them I wouldn't be there.
Then I ordered a new roll around vacuum off a very big internet seller. I paid extra for next day delivery - Saturday morning... go on came Wednesday. They did refund my delivery, but as I ordered a wiring beads book as recommended by Ali they only refunded half as that did arrive! I should of just gone with the super saver delivery, I reckon it would of arrived at the same time and would of been cheaper! Plus I wouldn't of been stressing so much about being in.
To top all this off I have had fun and games with my little mans pre-school. That however is a story for another day - depending on how things pan out LOL.
To top things off, I have spoken to a few people in the past month or so who just seem to want to pick a fight. The girls keep asking if it is just "V being a bit sensitive" as normal. It could well be, but it is damn hard work. Then again it just good be me and I have lost my ability to communicate!
Physically, I had to visit my cranial osteopath again this week and am going again next. My son has such momentum when he runs and usually it is at me, that I am beginning to suffer (over two and a half stone of small child at full pelt....let,s work out the force F = mv-mu - sorry previous life ;). Cranial osteopathy is fantastic but a bit weird. Or at least I think so. Unfortunately for me, I can feel it working which means I spend most of the session grimacing whilst feeling weird sensations. Apparently most people don't feel too much or if they do it is a positive energy sensation - I wish! Anyway it seems to be working as I am feeling a lot less achy.
On a far more positive and beady track..... I have finally finished (if the clients are happy) my commissions that I have been working on. One is a revamp of some wartime Indian beads, the other is a from scratch commission featuring beads from Alison Davies in orange, blue and ochre.
Pics to follow as soon as the clients have seen them!
Also, if you have a chance, I have just uploaded lots of new items onto my website, ready for some Christmas shopping. Back soon in hopefully a much more positive frame of mind :)

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oh no, hope your feeling like your normal self soon

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