Sunday, 5 October 2008

Housekeeping giveway

Each time I make a new peice of jewellery, I swear to myself that I will do all the necessary "housekeeping" with it straight away so I don't panic later. What I mean is that I will get my lovely BH to photograph it, I will price it, spreadsheet it, label it ready for a sale, upload it onto the website etc etc. However, despite good resolutions this very rarely happens.
So this evening, sees me once again printing and sticking in my studio getting ready for a jewellery sale. Great you say, fantastic news. Well, it is. What isn't is the fact that because I haven't done my "housekeeping" along the way it could be a very long night.
I have however managed to come up with names and prices all my items, except this one. I uploaded this onto Flickr a while ago and I still haven't come up with a name.
So, the question is - What do you think it should be called? The lampwork is by the very talented Isabelle Anderson and features both round and saucer beads in a clear blue. The saucers are decorated in silver around the rim and the round beads have an organic inspired core. I've completed the set with Hilltribe Silver and Czech glass.
To reward you for your fab ideas, I will ask my BH half to choose the name he thinks suits the set the best. The winner will then receive "Funky". A pendant made with lampwork by Angie Finn complete with a sterling silver snake chain.


You have until Tues evening at 8pm, after which I will attempt to get straight online an post the winners name. You can either leave you idea as a comment here on my blog or email me. I can't wait to see your ideas.


Crafted Gems said...

well the name 'Space' came to me for some reason or maybe 'cosmic blue' but then i am rubbish with names

BeadyPool said...

I too am rubbish at names - hence why I keep asking for help LOL. My mind was on spacey things as well, the round beads look like planets to me and discs like saturn's rings? I've had some good names so far, very inventive. Watch this space for the winner tomorrow.