Thursday, 14 August 2008

More hours in the day please

Where does the time go? When my son goes down for his afternoon nap I get about an hour to an hour and a half (I don't let him have more than that these days, else he isn't too good at bed time) to get my chores done. So, today with him asleep and lunch things tidied away - hubby is working from home today, so I did a proper lunch - not just a sandwich for little man and me eating on the go! I finally hit the computer. First off ordering hubby a new camera - he won't do it on his credit card in case of internet fraud, but for some reason it is okay to do it on mine. Now I know I have a smaller spending allowance, but surely if something was going to happen, it could happen to mine just as much as his?
With that done, I checked my emails, checked freecycle incase any moderating needed doing, checked a couple of lampwork sites incase a spending spree was needed (not that I need any more beads at the moment LOL, but a girl can look and be tempted!) and then was set to have my time.
That is time to update my website, blog or flickr and to ignore the housework which sesperately needs doing! First on my list was to photograph some jewellery I made recently. So outside I went as it is a bit dark inside and then it happened - big heavy drops of the plan changed as all the laundry needed to come in. I then took some photos and guess what, it is now sunny again aaarrggh, so I will pop out again in a moment and retake them if needs be, after I sort the laundry which was delicately placed on the conservatory floor, in other words slung!
In the meantime, before my son wakes - I have about 10 mins and counting! I thought I would show you this picture of a recent commission.

Really pants photo I know, but I suddenly remembered to photo it before I gave it to the person who ordered it. A simple design of black agate oval beads, snowflake obsidian and sterling silver spacers. I was really quite pleased with how it turned out and I think the person who bought it was as well.
Off to re-photograph my jewellery. Fingers crossed the rain holds off and G stays asleep. A few more hours in the day would be good.

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