Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Blackberries and Fairies

Autumn seems to be approaching with vigour, and whilst other may be bemoaning the end of the summer or the lack of it, I am actually in my element at this time of year.
I love the way that the air temperature becomes a bit cooler, having grown up near the sea I find the breeze less summers in Berkshire a bit too stifling. The dew on the grass in the morning and the autumnal smells. Most of all though, I love blackberry picking.
I'm a fickle old thing though as I hate them cooked, so unless I stuff my face when picking they never get eaten. I do indulge my BH with crumbles, but he gets to eat them on his own.
The lure though of just one more big juicy one, just out of reach and through a swathe of stinging nettles is just too much for me. So if I get the chance to go picking I am out there. Recently though it has been a bit too wet for blackberrying , but today we did manage to pick a couple of pounds. It would have been more, but my son certainly has my genes as he stuffed his face big time. one for the pot and two for him. Thankfully mad granny and papa are visiting at the moment, so they can do the nappy changing tomorrow - it could be interesting!
Mad granny has a few things to answer for and one of these is fairies "let them go and fly away". No we haven't lost the plot in this part of the world, fairies are thistle seed heads, like large dandelion clocks and when you blow them they float like fairies in the breeze. So now whenever he finds them my little man picks them and blows.

On a beady note, back in April I went to my first bead fair in Staffordshire. I dragged my poor friend who we stayed with along for the trip and I must say eventually she did enjoy herself. Anyway to appease her a little, I allowed her to choose some beads and said I would make up some bits for her. She choose some chunky cross cut clear Czech beads with amethyst ribbons through them. Above and below are the pictures of what I have finally made for her - maybe I should call them something along a blackberry theme? They are a little different form my normal type of jewellery but she loves it, so I am happy.

Back soon with some more lampwork jewellery.


Laura said...

Love the jewellery - definite blackberry juice colours going on there!

I'm totally with you on the Autumn thing. My favourite time of year! I can't wait for mid-September mornings. Crisp, fresh air and bright sun. Lovely!

Laura x

BeadyPool said...

I am so with you on the crisp fresh air and the bright sun, unfortunately I had to move out of Cornwall to really appreciate them, its too warm down south. But mornings up here with a light frost and sparkling sunshine, now thats what i call a morning - not wishing this lack of summer away - honest!

Crafted Gems said...

mmmmmmmm blackberries

the jewellery is fantastic too

are you going to the bead fair at stourbridge at weekend?