Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Beady Pool has moved

Finally after more than half my life away from where I was born I am back living in Cornwall.
It's fantastic to be back home and as people have commented there was part of me that never really left.
It's strange though, as I am a local but I am not.  I have bumped into people I grew up with and went to school with in the least expected of places.  It is taking a while to get used to everyone knowing everyone else and sometimes even knowing who I am before I've introduced myself.  Some people I don't even remember from my childhood but they remember me.

Blackberry picking at Trelissick - a view worth moving for.

The boys are now settled in school and pre-school and I'm starting to have a few hours to myself after all the unpacking, sorting, painting and of course summer visitors.
My jewellery bits are untidy but I can get to the workbench and I can't wait to get creating again.
I have to be patient if I can and do a little sorting out first.

Top of the to do list is a tidy through and clean of my stock.  Over time sterling silver tarnishes.  Silver reacts with the oxygen in the air and oxidises making jewellery loose it's shine and lustre.
Even if it's stored in boxes and you use anti tarnish tabs it still eventually happens. 
You can clean silver using silver dip, cleaning cloths, sonic cleaners and many other methods but this morning I've been using a simple, cost effective and easy method that is so easy to do.

Beady pool creations having a clean.
All you need is a plastic pot, aluminium foil, hot water and bicarbonate of soda.  There are many "how to" methods on the web that you can find.  Here is a nice easy to follow one from Jo Tinley a fellow jewellery maker.

Cleaning jewellery link

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swisssidejewelleryetc said...

How lovely to hear from you and how cool to move back there. A couple of years ago I visited my home town after 25 years away...and immediately bumped into 2 people I knew! Sounds like you have settled in well - don't forget to make time for yourself in between all the cleaning, painting and sorting.