Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's been a while

but here I am back again and hopefully I won't be away so long next time.
Where have I been? well last November I was looking like this....and that was two weeks before I had my second child another boy.

Thankfully they did a c-section as giving birth to my first wasn't great, he got stuck in my pelvis coming out amoungst other things. He was 8lb 3 and this one....well a good 10lb 6 or if you do the conversion correctly nearer to 10lb 7. Poor love, they even had to use forceps to get him out despite the c-section.

Anyway, my little man is now 13 weeks old, today to be precise and we are finding our feet. It is interesting to say the least getting them both ready and out the door for 8.30 for the school run. Even though I am a routine type person, he doesn't have a routine and I am feeding him what he wants when he wants and this is causing a few issues as I have to top him up everynow and again so we can do this with my eldest but we are getting there. Compared with his brother who at this age was downing 8oz bottle of hungry baby formula every 4 hrs on the dot he isn't so bothered about his milk and is causing me a bit of brain ache...but we are working it out slowly.

Enough about the baby, more importantly Beady Pool news.

My website is closed at the moment as I am having difficulties finding the time to update it but my jewellery is still for sale over on Folksy. I am also trying to slowly tidy through my bead stash so I am selling some of my beads which don't suit my current designs in my other Folksy Shop. There are some great bargains to be had especially on the silver as I bought a fair bit of it before the prices increased - silver prices have skyrocketed in the past year.

Oh and I am doing the Henley Art Trail again this year - May 28th - 31st May 2011. Put the date in your diary and watch this space for more news.


swisssidejewelleryetc said...

What a lovely post! I remember when I had my second child just over 7 years ago and it completely knocked me for six! But you do get there in the end. Try to go easy on yourself and don't try to be Superwoman.
Take care

Annelyse Taylor said...

Congratulations! A second baby is definitely more than double the work...but happy times!!!

Suze said...

...and late!

How wonderful! Congratulations on your second little boy. I hope you've ironed out the problems you were having and you have a beautiful summer to look forward to.

Two boys are wonderful...my youngest has just turned thirty...and now I'm onto the next two...grandsons that is!