Monday, 2 August 2010

Tiara time

So, brother in law to be finally asked my sister in law to marry him.
Being the lovely person I am I offered to make her some wedding jewellery. Well, I do running a jewellery business how hard can it be to make wedding jewellery?
Now, anyone who knows me will know I am very good either offering to do something or saying yes before really thinking it through. The old talk before the brain clicks in syndrome.
This is how I found myself saying I would make my sister in law her tiara's as well as her jewellery. That is four tiara's in total.....and where do you start designing a tiara? Well, we trawled the internet for some ideas, worked out what the bride did and didn't like and then made something......totally different which thankfully, she loved :)

a tiara for the bride herself

And three for the bridesmaids....

Here is a picture of them both together.

I am so so pleased with how they turned out and amazed at my first and only effort. Wedding jewellery makers do not worry I am not adding tiara's to my repetoire. I loved making these but never again, I think I prefer a quicker result from my makes. Each one took me an hour, 25 Swarovski crystal twisted pearls, about 70 Swarovski bicones and oodles of wire.
Having said that I am very very pleased with the result as was the bride and the bridesmaids - what more can you ask for?

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Poppy Sparkles said...

They are very lovely! I have to admit that I am not a natural tiara maker, although I do like making hairpins. It's making me think about focusing more on the everyday/occasion jewellery rather than bridal. I think it's my love of seeing crystal clear crystals and Ivory pearls together that keeps me drawn to bridal jewellery!
Anyway, back to you - your sister-in-law and bridesmaids are very lucky, Viv x

eve said...

What a wonderful job you have done, they both look amazing,

Trudi said...

These are gorgeous and so different from others I've seen!

Jean said...

Beautiful !!
I always think tiaras look very fiddly to make.

BeadyPool said...

Thank you all for your'e lovely comments. So pleased someone other my sister in law likes them x