Sunday, 28 February 2010

Belated Folksy Friday

These gorgeous red polka hearts have just been sold from my Beady Pool shop on Folksy. So, to celebrate here are some more red polka dot finds from the talented Folksy Folk.
A lovely puffball bracelet from Laura Lou, perfect to compliment the current nautical trend.
Or how about a polka dot hair clip from Once upon my dream?

I know a few girls who would just love this cupcake bunting from Nickynackynoo

And finally how cute are these? Utterly adorable baby booties from Betty P

Right I'm off back to the's wet and grey today so we are making sausage rolls, fairy cakes and saffron buns - nom nom
Edit - Saffron buns are more brown than golden as I was busy writing this! Let's hope they taste ok.

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maricesworld said...

Adorable little shoes, and i'd love nickynackynoo's bunting too. nice picks and great you had a sale too.

marice :0)

BeadyPool said...

Thank you Marice glad you like my choices and thank you for popping by x